One of the most effective aspects of a successful digital marketing strategy is email marketing, and while it is quite simple to begin flooding the online world with promotional emails, actually attaining subscribers and customer engagement can be tricky. Beyond the Basics has a team of expert staff specifically catered towards email marketing strategies, and can guide you through the challenges your business may face in reaching potential clients.

digital-marketing-1725340_960_720To demonstrate why email marketing is a potentially beneficial strategy, let’s take a look at the facts. Email has the greatest amount of activity on the internet, even more than search engine activity. The number of active email accounts is expected to grow to over 5 billion by 2018, and studies suggest that the email is the most effective form of communication with regards to maintaining customer retention.

There are also many reasons that email marketing may fail to reach subscribers, these include the use of promotion filters and spam filters and the overwhelming amount of promotional email potential subscribers tend to receive. An effective strategy will aim to overcome these challenges and allow your emails to stand out from the tsunami of untrustworthy messages.

As part of the development of a proactive and effective email marketing, the Beyond the Basics experts will work on:

  • Improving targeted personalization of emails
  • Creating engaging subject matter
  • Forming appropriate sending schedules for optimal reach
  • Suggesting special offers
  • Mobile viewing optimization
  • Utilising social media to gain subscribers
  • Identifying and re-engaging inactive subscribers
  • Creating and adding visual content
  • Administering appropriate Call-To-Action marketing
  • Running email tests

The hurdles of email marketing can be difficult to clear, that’s why Beyond the Basics is here to help. The creation of an effective email marketing campaign is a long process, but with a great strategy, scrutinous analysis, and good planning your brand can see advanced results.